Spring 2021, Sophomore

A SHIRT is a staple in every MAN’S closet, especially during the 1920s. 1920s mens shirts were a REBELLION against both plain and rigid clothing of the Victorian Era. After World War 1, a societal shift was occurring with a rejection of the past generation’s rigid and “starched” ideas. NEW softer shirts and collars were a drastic change from pre-war life. LOOSER shapes emerged, new COLORS and STRIPES became fashionable and designers were more EXPERIMENTAL.

How does this apply to the 2020? Due to the covid pandemic our lifestyles have changed. in March 2020 we were forced to stay at home in order to CONTROL a health crisis. Over the year masks were introduced, and ENFORCED, restaurants, museums, cinema, clubs and gyms were closed and a CURFEW was introduced. Are we in war with the VIRUS? In history repeated itself after 100 years? The TIME we are currently living in made me think of what will happen when the PANDEMIC is over. Will there be another ROARING TWENTIES? Will there be an explosion of creativity and a rejection of previous shapes and volumes in fashion? How will we dress POST-COVID?

19.20.20s aims to EXPLORE and DECONSTRUCT the 1920s FORMAL men’s shirts whilst REFLECTING on the CONTEMPORARY. A lot has CHANGED since then so it is important to make the shirt APPLICABLE to TODAY’S world. By DISMANTLING the 1920s shirt, ADDING PANELS and PLAYING with the direction of STRIPED this project offers an INTERPRETATION to the 1920s and a REFLECTION of the 2020s.

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