Spring 2021

SEVILLE is the capital of southern Spain’s ANDALUSIA region. It’s famous for FLAMENCO dancing, particularly in its Triana neighborhood. This project focuses on the flamenco dress, one of the most recognized regional costumes. It has become one of the best ambassadors of ANDALUSIAN and SPANISH culture, being an ICON of the festivals of this autonomous community.

Over the years, this DRESS has been transformed according to the fashion and stylistic rules of each era. In such a way that, the GYSPY costume is the only REGIONAL clothing that EVOLVES. ALTHOUGH maintaining some basic characteristics in terms of its DESIGN and also in accessories, the FLOWER and the SHAWL being very important. For this project, I will use references from my FAMILY, both CONTEMPORARY and from the PAST. The objective of this project is to DECONSTRUCT the SEVILLANA dress and TRANSFORM it into something that is APPLICABLE to TODAY’S society. I have taken INSPIRATION from Spanish CULTURE by exploring ways of integrating the RUFFLE and POLKA DOTS in UNCONVENTIONAL manners and PROPORTIONS.

Furthermore, this project will take inspiration from HALSTON, an AMERICAN designer from the 1970s. His MINIMALIST, CLEAN designs often made of cashmere or ultrasuede were a new phenomenon in the mid-1970s DISCOTHEQUES  and REDEFINED AMERICAN fashion.

In terms of CONSTRUCTION, Halston crafted his loose and billowy caftans by draping on the BIAS, using lengths of fabric cut on both the straight GRAIN and the bias, but he took the construction one step further by FOLDING and ASSEMBLING his versions in more COMPLEX PATTERNS. Another important element of Halston’s TECHNIQUE is his use of GEOMETRIC SHAPES in his pattern making. Halston favoured SIMPLE SHAPES ansd STYLES, with FEW SEAMS and allowing the design to fall LOOSELY over the BODY. This resulted in clothes that were RELAXED and CAREFREE - clothes more suited to the times of LIBERARTION and SOCIAL CHANGE.

In CONCLUSION, his project is inspired by HALSTON’S CLEAN AESTHETIC and GEORMETRIC PATTERNS, whilst combining SPANISH culture and FLAMENCO dancing into one SILHOUETTE.

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